Freight Dispatching Webinar

1 Hour Knowledge Packed Webinar

During this 1 hour webinar I will explain my journey in Freight Dispatching, explain how I hire, train, and pay my dispatchers, answer many commonly asked questions about dispatching. This webinar is prerecorded and can deliver you valuable information about starting any business and more specifically a Freight Dispatching business.

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Antoine West
Antoine West

Antoine served honorably in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. During his time in the Navy he served as a Aviation Maintenance Administrationman and as a Combat Medic in the Army. His skills learned in the military help him every day as a business owner. Antoine says the skills that help him most as a Businessman, that he learned in the military are being early, having a sense of urgency, stress management, taking care of his employees, and executing what needs to be done. Currently Antoine is the owner of West Family Logistics and High Speed Logistics. Antoine has always had an interest in transportation and as the owner of two transpiration companies he now wishes to show others the tips and skills he uses to scale his businesses.

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